Murchison Night Sky

With regional boundaries open, everyone can head to the Murchison to enjoy the red-rock panoramas at sunset and the clearer than clear night sky. But these can also be enjoyed on your computer screen with Meg Cowey’s ‘Murchison Night Sky’. The quilt, 80cm x 80cm is also available for purchase ($250). Inquiries to

Statement: Without interference of city lights, the Milky Way blazes over the rocky landscape. Human intrusion is revealed by an occasional satellite: a pinpoint reflection of the sun moving contrarily to the stars. 

Mt Magnet Astro Rocks Fest

We had planned to take quilts to the Mount Magnet Astro Rocks Fest in September this year but it has been cancelled. Pity for the town but, now that people are travelling north, at least Wirnda Barna Art Gallery will have visitors. While being covid-isolated, Pat revised and expanded a booklet of her research relating to three quilts (shown below) that were displayed at the 2019 Fest. Literature on Aboriginal culture relating to the ‘Night Sky’, Granite Outcrops’ and ‘Water Management’ is reviewed in the booklet. Feel welcome to download it.

Astro Rocks Fest was a Romp

We had a great time at the Mount Magnet Astro Rocks Fest with our exhibition running from Friday to Sunday. But the people we met and talked with were the best part of it – Karen Morrisey who helps organise the Fest, the Wirnda Barna Gallery and Yalgoo Art Group people, and the locals and tourists who visited and chatted. A lot of space was cleared for us in the gallery, and the quilts and other bits and pieces were much appreciated. Thank you to all who helped make this happen.

Contemporary Quilt Group

We displayed all twenty one Mount Magnet quilts at a Contemporary Quilt Group meeting today–the group where we all met. Pat talked about the Aboriginal night-sky connections, then others talked about quilting techniques they had used. Roberta gave a super demonstration on how she had created the texture on her Lake Ballard quilt. I bet the Seven Sisters loved that salty texture when they danced on the lake!

All who are interested are welcome to see the quilts at Contemporary Quilt Group (CQG) on Sep 13, starting 10am (normal entry fee, members $5, non-members $6). The quilts will be shown soon after the start of the meeting. Scroll down to see a poster of the quilts, and visit Gallery 1 and 2 for information about them